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Thursday, 25 March 2010



Russell shows BR who is the REAL master.



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Candice tells us there was no reason for her to throw her vote away & have everyone mad at her & that is why she voted Tom out.  Amanda tells us she is so sick of Candice.

Russell & Boston Rob go off together while everyone is sleeping.  Russell says he doesn't want them at each other's throats.  Russell tells us he wanted to make BR think he wasn't after him.  BR tells Russell that people are mad at him for looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol & now he's marked.  BR tells us Russell is out of his league & was trying to make him paranoid.  Oh baby.  BR is the one out of his league here.  What a cocky prick.  He puts Russell's arrogance to shame.  BR doesn't know dick about Russell & has no idea what he's up against.  BR tells Russell to watch his back & Russell told BR the same to him.

We didn't have a separate Reward Challenge this week.  The Immunity Challenge was for Individual Immunity for 1 person on each tribe cuz both of them were going to Tribal Council.  Then the Top 2 would battle it out & the winner would get hot dogs & pop for their tribe.  They would also get to sit in on the loser's Tribal Council.

The challenge was the one where they were hooked to a long rope that was wound around various obstacles & they had to climb up & under & around & round to untwist it.  Coach, JT & Tyson all competed in this before.  JT & Tyson made it to the final round & Tyson won.

Candice won for the Heroes & BR for the Villains.  The next round was higher & BR won it.  BR & Candice have II & the Villains get the snack.

Most of the Villains agree that they want Parvati out but will make Russell think he's going so he will play his HII.  BR then thinks he's so smart & is going to work Russell so he goes to him & tells him if he doesn't have the HII then he needs to go get it.  Russell said he doesn't have it.  BR said then it's been real.  He tells Russell it is better to play w/ him than against him.  Ugh.  I so can't stand BR & can't wait to see his smug smile wiped off his face.  It's gonna be one of the best things EVER!

Russell told Parvati he wants to give her the HII & they vote out Tyson.

Colby told the Heroes that he knows he's going so they don't need to do any scrambling.  He doesn't have any hard feelings & thinks at Tribal Council they should say as little as possible so they don't give the Villains any information.  I haven't like Colby at all this season but have to admit that took balls to say & I respect that he said it.  I think it was genuine & not a ploy at all to manipulate.  He knew his goose was cooked cuz Candice was going to go but she had II.  Colby said he hasn't had any fun but his still loves the game.

James tells Colby he was beat by a cripple.  James had a splint on & he beat Colby in that competition.  Rupert beat him w/ a broken toe.  He said it is like finding out his Superman is in a fat suit.  James really respected Colby's gameplay in past seasons but he hasn't done squat in this one.

JT, Rupert, Amanda & Candice talk about who they should vote out.  Not only is James hurt, he eats a lot of their food.  He just takes bananas w/o asking 1st

Amanda told James he is going to have to show he can run.  She told him he can't steal any bananas.  James was a little surprised by that.  & as I read about the secret scenes today I see the Villains had a similar banana thing as Sandra yelled at Parvati & Danielle for eating bananas & Parvati said they never had a problem w/ people eating bananas & no one else even likes them so she thought she was doing them a favor by eating those instead.

So James & JT have a race on the beach.  JT obviously beats him & even runs backwards for a spell.  But to James' credit, he didn't do badly for a cripple.  James made me Lol when it was over & he asked JT if he wants a banana.

BR tells his minions to split the votes 3-3 between Parvati & Russell so then if Russell gives HII to Parvati, he goes instead.  But BR is in the minor leagues as Russell is MVP & he goes to Tyson & tells him he knows there is nothing he can do to save Parvati & it breaks his heart but he is going to vote her out.  He has to play for himself.  Tyson tells us he really wants Parvati to go so he may flop his vote to her.  Oh my I was giggling here.  Russell is the best player EVER!  It really is a thing of beauty to watch.

At Tribal Council BR said the HII is a new twist to the game.  Sandra said they all know who has it & if Russell doesn't have it he best look for it.  She is such a snatch.

Parvati said Tyson is a threat cuz he is really charming & has a lot of connections.  Sandra said Parvati has connections on the other side.

Courtney said BR is polarizing & the center of controversy.

They cast their votes & we see everyone's but Tyson's.  BR & his 2nd in command Sandra voted against Russell.  Coach, Courtney & Jerri voted against Parvati.  Danielle, Parvati & Russell voted against Tyson.

Probst if asked if anyone wanted to play the HII.  Russell stood & walked over to him.  BR & his minions all have a smug smile on their faces.  But the MVP says no, not this way.  He told Coach he always talks about loyalty, honesty & integrity & he is going to play w/ that & gave Parvati HII!  You've been schooled BR & Sandra.  THAT'S how you play Survivor.  BIOYA! 

Probst tallies the votes.  Russell's bait & switch worked like a charm & Tyson voted out Parvati so Tyson got the boot w/ 3 votes against him.  Tyson said he has no one to blame but himself.  He was a victim of his own stupidity.

The Villains moved over to the jury benches & got to eat while the Heroes watched.  Russell said the Villains are showing the Heroes how to play this game.  James talked about his race w/ JT & that he lost.  He said he wants what's best for the tribe.  James said Colby was the baddest Survivor ever growing up.  Colby balked at this as it makes him seem so old.  It is weird to think some people have grown up w/ this show.  I can't believe it's been on this long.  James talks about his comparison to Superman being a big girl.  He said some are doers & some are sayers & he's a doer & Colby is a sayer.  He also brought up that there is a banana etiquette he didn't know anything about.  Colby admitted that he hasn't performed as well as he had hoped to.

The Villains had to leave before the vote.  It was obvious as the votes were being read that James was out because Amanda looked really upset.  James voted against Colby but the rest voted him out.  Amanda told him she loved him & he said he loves her too.  He tells us that hopefully the team is together now & he just has bad luck on these things w/ injuries.

Next week it is more of BR being schooled by the Master.  BR whines that Russell is dangerous & compared him to a suicide bomber who doesn't care about his own fate cuz he would give the HII away.  He thinks Russell would do anything.  Well, he's partly right.  Russell will do what he has to to win but since BR is in the minors here I will explain to him.  Giving away HII is NOT not caring about yourself.  Quite the contrary.  Russell wants to save himself & he needs his ally there as well.  Pretty simple actually.    & Russell cares so much that he is willing to take the big risks.  BEST PLAYER EVER!

So what do you think?  Love or hate Russell?  Which side are you on?  Post your comment below.  If you are not a registered member your comments don't go live til I approve them.  It's not that I am going to delete any thing that doesn't agree w/ me.  It's cuz of those fricking spammers that want to post links to Cialis, Viagra & so on.  They still register here by the 100s every day & I have to delete them constantly.  It's so annoying.  But I digress.  Post your comments below or in the forum.  If you want to write your own articles let me know.  & the Survivor finale is on Sunday, May 16th.


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