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Friday, 07 August 2009



I guess I was the only one to actually call Ronnie out on his shit & for that I have now been blackballed from future interviews. 

Oh well.  Ronnie is still gone & doesn't even make the jury.




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MF:  I know you told your wife you wanted her to read reality TV websites to see how you are perceived.  I have to tell ya I have been covering BB since season 2 & I think this is the 1st time everyone is united on who they like or don't & you are the latter.  Does it still make it worth it to you to do the show even though you leave being  disliked & not in a love to hate kind of way?

RONNIE:  Yeah that's fine with me because I wanted to be on the show.  It was a dream of mine to be on the show & you know everyone has opinions & certainly are entitled to them & I was just you know playing the game the way I wanted to play it.  Which is in no means an admission of who I am in my regular life.

MF:  I cover the feeds & see a lot of what goes down. You said you wanted a transcript of your fight with Kevin.  Well I watched it & rewound it a bunch of times & have the transcript I typed if you want it.  But YOU were the one that went at him.  So why did you go at him? I'm not understanding why you thought you would be able to get away with going towards him & not expect him to say something or do something back.

RONNIE:  Are you referring to in the bathroom?

MF:  Yes.

RONNIE:  Oh, no.  In the bathroom I absolutely, I was the one that accused him of lying & yeah, in that situation absolutely I did take ownership in that, sure. 

MF:  What is your obsession with Michele that from week 1 even though she's in your clique that you would constantly lie about her & just be after this girl? 

RONNIE:  Since week 1?

MF:  Mm hmm.

RONNIE:  My only issue with Michele at the beginning of the game was within the confines of the game was that Chima was talking game with me, I was talking game with Chima & Michele would not talk game with us.  We just did not know where her head was at, that was in the game.

MF:  Right but then why were you making up stuff Michele was doing & why were you focusing all your anger & hatred on Michele?

RONNIE:  Ah, I don't remember specific things that I made up about Michele.  So I'm not saying I didn't, I am just saying I don't recall them but every decision that I made in terms of that was just because what I felt was strategically best for me.

MF:  OK.  So why in the world would you ever think Michele has proven to have no loyalty for not saving you, but you're someone who kept screwing her over at every turn? 

RONNIE: Ah, the reason why I had stated that was because after the vote that happened with week 1 & all that went down, Michele & I with Chima, the 3 of us, we did have a conversation & Michele had told us that it was water under the bridge & she was going to make a move forward with us as a group & once that decision was made I absolutely did stay loyal to Michele.

MF:  Yeah but you've also done things to her so even if she said that to you, why is she supposed to be held to any kind of word or anything she said but you're not?  Like when you didn't vote to keep Braden.

RONNIE:  Um, that was just because, & I took ownership in the house whenever I spoke to Michele about my mistakes in regards to that vote & how it was handled & you know, the line that I made on that.  I took complete ownership on that.  & it's not that I expected her to stay loyal to me, it's the specifics of the conversation where Chima, Michele &  myself had in terms of that, I told her I said I understand you are upset about the vote & I just need to know if this is something that you really mean because if this is something that you really want to stick with this, that's cool.  It's not, I understand you may tell me what you want to tell me & then go another way.  But she had at that point in time made the decision to get to know me as a person & actually make a go of it.  If it had just stayed on a game level, I mean, you reap what you sow, I totally believe that wholeheartedly so as you stated if she had wanted to manipulate me, I totally accept that.  My only problem with Michele at this point is after the decision to get to know me as a person, she then started making personal attacks against me & that was when I did it to her.  If she had manipulated me in the confines of the game, I'm totally a good sport & I'm a gracious loser so I completely would accept that.

MF: But you didn't come off as a gracious loser & you did attack her personally on several counts so I am not getting why it's bad, her but ok for you?

RONNIE:  Well no, I'm not saying that it's OK for me & I again, have not seen any episodes or you know anything so I don't know exactly what's been shown but I am a gracious loser.  I do accept that I made mistakes in the house & that I played the way I want to play & that didn't work out so well for me.  & it's not that it's OK for me to make personal attacks on Michele AFTER she made them against me.  I should not have done that but ultimately I just had to show her that it wasn't acceptable for making them about me so.

 MF:  You made them personal first why would you of all people criticize someone based on their looks?  I'm not understanding that. 

RONNIE:  Um, that statement was made in the heat of the moment & you know, when you're inside that house & you're under a lot of pressure sometimes you say & do things that you would never ever say in the outside world & once it's out there you can't take it back even though you do feel sorry for them.

MF:  Well you say you wouldn't do that on the outside world but it's been said you've been fond of being a cyberbully & posing as a girl & just doing stuff to mess with people online so isn't that in the outside world?

RONNIE:  I honestly don't know what you're referring to but I mean I am not a bully in any sense of the word & I would not do that in the outside world & like I said, that comment was said in the heat of the moment so.

MF:  So then wouldn't Michele's comments also be in the heat of the moment? So I am still not understanding her bad, you good.

RONNIE:  No, it's not her bad, me good.  Her comments also could be in the heat of the moment which is why after sleeping last night I do feel apologetic for what I said in the heat of the moment in my speech & at this point of time you know I am willing to wait & see what happens & I don't harbor any ill will towards Michele.  It was just in the heat of the moment & under the pressure of the situation.

MF:  What gives you the right to try to ruin a man's career outside of the house & lie to everyone about being an educator & talk about Casey like that?

RONNIE:  Well at no point in time did I try to ruin Casey's career.  I apologize if that was the perception.

MF:  Well you were saying he should be fired.

RONNIE:  I did say that.  That is correct.  But the thing about that, that was just simply that, my wife being an educator & with me finishing up my teaching certification & helping out with my wife & you know, the high school, my own personal belief, & it is my own personal belief, I feel that who you are as an educator should be who you are in your personal life.

MF:  So then what would that say about you as an educator with the way that you behaved in that house?  Should you then be fired if you were really a teacher?

RONNIE:  The way I behaved in the house is not the way that I behave in my personal life.  In my personal life I am an extremely honest person who is incredibly compassionate & caring & does have lots of fun friends & working relationships with people & I care a great deal for people & do what I can to help anyone that I know.

MF:  So anybody who hosts a bikini contest then shouldn't be around children?

RONNIE:  No, I did not say that.

MF:  Well that's what you were saying in the house he goes out & is at these bikini contests, which Jessie was at as well so I guess he shouldn't be a teacher either.  But I didn't get the logic on that on what makes him a poor educator cuz he has a night job as a DJ.

RONNIE:  Um, that statement was not, I did say that, that was sort of a jumping off point.  But my statement on that was more, there was other factors involved in that with activities that through conversations in private Casey had condoned that I don't agree with & I'll just leave that for what it is.

MF:  Alright.  If you were such a big BB fan, then why in the world would you align with Jessie somebody who the fans obviously don't like?  We've already voted him out once & still don't like.  Why would you be so starstruck by Jessie?

RONNIE:  Um, the fact that I was starstruck with Jessie to a certain degree is just simply the fact that he is a former HG.  Even though myself as a huge fan I do have strong feelings both positive & negative about different HGs.  I still respect that they've been in the game.  I chose to align myself with Jessie because he does compliment the deficiencies that I had in the game & that's just it.  Purely strategic.  & it just so happened that through the course of the following week I got to know Jessie more on a personal level & he is a nice guy & he is a good friend & he is a loyal person.

MF:  So why were you guys all playing a game just to help Jessie?  It's all what it appears here that you guys all did his bidding & at his beck & call & do what he wants, put out who he wants.  I am not understanding why you guys would, somebody who has already had their shot, shouldn't even be there, he already had his chance to win & lost.  So why were you guys al protecting him & trying to make sure he gets to the end?

RONNIE:  With every chance that I had in the game with any power was of course when I was HoH & I even though Jessie also wanted Laura out, I ultimately made a decision that I wanted to put up Laura & have her evicted because of the things that Laura suspected & was correct about me that I was a persuasive person & lying & manipulating.  & that was why I made that.  It's just coincidental that it fell in line with Jessie.

MF:  You think you were so smart but were outplayed by most of the them & didn't even make the jury.  What do you think were your biggest mistakes?

RONNIE:  Um I would say my biggest mistake was right off the bat counter-balancing my love & passion for the game with my actual strategy & I just had to heavy of a hand.

MF:  How in the world could you ever compare your game to Dr Will's?

RONNIE:  Um I actually don't compare myself to Dr Will.  I know we had discussed that in the house but that was the result of a comment that Russell had made to me.  If Russell wanted to compare me to Dr Will I am incredibly flattered by it but I personally do not see that.

MF:  What was the strategy in hiding out in the HoH?  Why did you do that especially when people were just talking to you anyway & the whole Russell thing was all fake & all that? Why did you hide in the HoH room?

RONNIE:  Well the Russell coming to see me was something I didn't know when it happened.  That was what Russell did but the reason, my strategy by hiding out in the HoH room was the fact that I did not know who my true allies were anymore & my safest way at that point in time was to remove myself from the situation & so I did not suffer the berating from Russell #1.  & #2 I felt that pretty much if I'm up there it might win me some sympathy from the females in the house.

MF:  Did you have any idea just how angry you would make the fans for turning on Jeff & Jordan?

RONNIE:  Um, you know I didn't & it's something that I have to accept & honestly I made the best decisions that I did within that house & the situation, we were removed & can't really tell but ultimately at the end of the day Jeff, Jordan & I had a discussion, that beef had been put to rest.  Game is what it is but they know all along & knew & still do to this day that I adore them as people & they like me as a person & that has nothing to do on the moves we made in the game.

MF:  What rationale do you have for thinking the fans would have voted to give you the wizard power?

RONNIE:  The Wizard Power.  I love it.  Um the only, I said you know from the moment that the mystery power was announced, the only chance, & I even said in the house I believed it was a very small chance was if they wanted to vote for a liar, manipulator, gameplayer to win it.  That's the only thing.  That's my only chance.  I never really thought I stood any chance.  I just simply said that was the only hope I had.

MF:  I don't get Natalie's aversion to personal hygiene.  How bad does that girl smell?  She looks awful in the feeds.

RONNIE:  Natalie actually doesn't smell at all.  She's fine & I mean I spend a lot of time around her so I would think I would smell her if she did.  [He laughs]

MF:  How do you think she's going to react when she finds out Jessie & Lydia have been hooking up behind all you guys' backs?

RONNIE:  I didn't know that.  She's going to be pretty upset about that I imagine.

MF:  Yeah there's been since week 1.

RONNIE:  WOW!  I kind of suspected that on some level because he does keep talking to her behind Natalie's back.  But um wow.  Doesn't bother me but I'm sure Natalie will not enjoy that.

MF:  Why did  everybody  attack Braden for his racist remarks but then no one says anything to Chima for hers?

RONNIE:  Um I was not aware of any comments Chima said.

MF:  She called Russell a terrorist.

RONNIE:  Oh, well  really don't have an answer why no one had an answer for Chima maybe it's just cuz there was an anti-Russell movement at that time.  Um & honestly the thing about Braden, you know, I wasn't actually out there & hear actually what was said.  I just noticed they were arguing through the sliding glass door so till I actually see the feeds.. I'm not doubting it was said by any means.  I'm just saying, not being privy to the feeds yet & hear that for myself I really don't know what to say about that.

MF:  I know lying is a part of the game.  But didn't "your team" take it way too far with stuff you made up, especially Michele & the Green Room lie? 

RONNIE:  Are you referring to Jessie & Natalie saying Michele was in the Green Room?

MF:  Yeah, they flat out made that up.

RONNIE:  Yeah I knew.  They were with me then.  I do, I think the way to put it best, a great person said, like you just said lying is part of the game but I think the mistake I made is I shouldn't have made it my job to lie.  I should have lied if I needed to.  Does that make sense?

MF:  Sure.

RONNIE:  Yeah, I should have lied if I needed to.  Um at that point in time when that lie happened in the Green Room I completely almost removed myself after week 2 & I do think that would have been too far but given the situation we were trying whatever we had to do to possibly save me or save the situation which I mean looking back now it was a lost cause but you can't give up. I'm not a quitter.

MF:  Ok.  & um the last night that you were in the house & you were going in & waking up Michele & all that stuff & would report back to Jessie & Natalie what you were doing but you would embellish it.  Why would you do that?

RONNIE:  You know at that point I knew my eviction was inevitability & I was just you know, I just kind of reached that point where I had had enough & I was just trying to have fun & in hindsight that was one of those things in the heat of the moment.  Shouldn't have done but unfortunately it happened.

MF:  Right I understand that but when you're saying you're a man & you go out with class & you do that, do you really think you went out with class especially with the shots you took at Michele on your way out?

RONNIE:  Uh no.  I am saying that in terms of that I did fail what I wanted to do & I am a apologetic for that but I take ownership of that.

MF: Why didn't you backdoor Russell?

RONNIE:  Um I did not put up Russell in Week 2 simply for the fact that at that time, Um I wanted Laura out based on things I knew she was saying to me & it was a risk that Russell would stay true.  Obviously a bad risk because it didn't pay off.  But you know you look back & can say a whole lot of should have would have could have but if I had BDd Russell who knows, maybe Jessie still would have won HoH in Week 3 & he would have been upset & put me out Week 3 & not Week 4.

MF:  Who are you rooting for to get to the end?

RONNIE:  Personally I'd like to see Chima win however I think Jeff stands the best strategic chance to win.

MF:  OK.  Thank you very much.

So I hung up the phone & then 5 minutes later the publicist that sits in the room & listens to the whole conversation on speakerphone called me back & told me that I am now going to be Blackballed & she will not let me interview anyone else & she is putting me on a watch list & telling other people not to let me do interviews.  She told me I was unprofessional & biased & that I could have asked the same questions in a nicer way & done it in the 3rd person or some shit.  She said they let the journalists talk to them cuz they think it will be safe for them & blah blah blah.  I told her that I am not a journalist.  I am a fan that happens to have my own site & I asked the questions the fans wanted me to ask.  She just kept going on & on that I was biased & unprofessional & said she had to apologize to Ronnie for having him talk to me but that he is going to have to realize some people out there won't like him.  She told me in the future I should learn from this & not be so biased & so on.  I said then don't have the people on your show act like that & I won't ask them about their behavior.  She got pissy & said it's a GAME & they can act how they want.  So that's that.  This will be my last interview of the season cuz the publicist just wanted me to kiss his ass or some shit.  Sorry but the guy kept lying to me even now that he's out of the house & I couldn't let that go.  I knew going in there was a chance this would happen but that was fine with me.  I guess it's my JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY that wouldn't let me just do softball questions or just let it slide when he gives mistruths as answers.  It's the publicist's job to make everything hunky dory for their client.  It's my job to ask them about things they did in the game.



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I am editing this to add I got this email just now early on a Sunday morning from the publicist daring me to supposedly set the record straight.  I posted it in my forum in the Interview Ronnie thread but will post it here as well.


This is my last correspondence with you, but I'm going to DARE you to set the record straight and post my response:


"Jacalynn, I made it VERY clear that I accepted the hard ball questions, but I didn't accept the manner or tone in which you asked them.  YOU were extremely biased, emotional and unprofessional.  Check out the other 17 interviews Ronnie did that day...they were harsh and, by no means "soft ball questions," (sorry to burst your bubble, you are - by no means - unique) but, unlike you, they conducted their inquiries without hostility or a vindictive attitude , despite their PERSONAL feelings on how Ronnie played the game."


I haven't replied to her yet cuz as I said, it's early on a Sunday morning & as Casey would say, I am going to let it marinate.  But this is another crock of shit.  I wasn't screaming at the guy.  My tone was fine.  I am now considering putting the audio online so you can hear that as well.  & it's a flat out lie that all the other 17 interviews asked the same questions cuz if they did there wouldn't be this outcry that people are so upset that no one asked the questions I did.  I am not saying no one asked a question or 2 like I did.  Quite the opposite cuz when I read like's & they asked him how it felt to be in the latter, meaning people don't like him, just as I had asked I was like hmmm.  So I am blackballed & EW is not?  But now the tune has changed & it's my tone & manner that was unprofessional.  Nothing on her wonderful client & how he would answer my questions with lie after lie & I just called him out on it.  Not yelling.  Just saying the truth.  Anyway, I will let it marinate & then get back to her even though this is her LAST CORRESPONDENCE with me, basically telling me to go fuck myself & that I am not to respond.

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