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Written by Brian Glenn   
Wednesday, 04 March 2009



Our last public elimination night is here!!! Randy has the orange dawg sunglass look goin on tonight... We get to see a collage of how these twelve got here...and here comes the Dreaded Group song... Sheesh!!! and that's all I'm gonna say except that I'm glad they didn't try to make Scott dance, would have been wrong, though I'm sure he has more soul steps in him than Simon... 



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We get to relive last nights performances... Which I still say were much better overall than either of the other weeks...

Here we goooooooooo finally... Ryan chats with Nathaniel and he says he was happy with his performance but he is already talking about if he doesn't make it, he hopes he gets to come back for the wildcard and he will bring the serious... Doesn't sound to confident to me... Jorge says it's cold in California compared to Puerto Rico, sure must be hot there... Felicia says she was pleased with her performance after getting a second chance and I agree... Ju'not talks about having his first asthma attack... Gotta love the Idol chatter Ryan evokes!

Ryan then asks Lil to stand up alone right off the bat... Hmmm... Lil Rounds is through and 1 of the Top 12... That was quick but I reckon they have to save time for putting a wildcard together...

Ryan says stand up Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall, and Scott, and tells us one of them are going through and it's commercial time... Come on Scott!!! Arianna is gone first... Taylor next... No doubt Alex is gone, Yep there he goes... Ryan asks Kendall and Scott to both stand... America says Bring it Scott!!!!!!!! I have to admit, I even got weepy...

Looks like the three guys I liked last night are still standing and so is the one gal, Felicia, and there is only one spot left... Dang!!! One gets in and the other three??? There can only be so many in the wildcard, and it only being an hour show I still say it has to be at the most 6... *Big Sigh* Someone good from this group is gonna be left out...

Ryan has Kristen and Nathaniel stand...and Ryan gets in his Simon joke for the night here... and of course both are gone... Felicia and Von stand next, yep America, this means Ju'not and Jorge will be vying for that last spot as these two are gone...

America has voted and Jorge is in the Top 12... But they don't let him sing, guess they are running out of time...

A Surprise!!! 8 are coming back for the wildcard...

Time for the judges to say who is coming back tomorrow for the wildcard... But first they have to re-introduce us to the Top 9...

Simon talks about how important the wildcard process is and if not for it America would have never discovered Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken... and he says they actually changed their mind during the last break...

Randy says bring back Von Smith! YaY!!!

Kara says bring on Jasmine Murray! Booo!

Paula says bring back Ricky Braddy! YaY!!!

Simon calls Ryan a smartass after he calls Simon Darth Vader LOL... and Simon says bring back Megan Corkrey! Ok!

We come back with Randy saying bring back Tatianna OMG!!!!!!!!!!! and the Drama already begins... Boooo!

Kara says bring back Matt Giraud YaY!!!

Paula says bring it on *and this was their last minute change* Jesse Langseth... Ok!

Simon gives out the last spot and it goes to Anoop Dawg... Ok!

Ok. so here is how the wildcard breaks down... 4 guys and 4 gals... Kinda surprised about that... 3 from group 1... 4 from group 2 which is Really SAD cuz they stunk the joint up...and only 1 from tonights group 3 BOOOO!!!

I have no problem with Von and Ricky and Anoop, and even Matt, though he sucked, but the memory of "Georgia On My Mind" from Hollywood most likely carried him here with the judges...

So alright, there is 4 who we can say deserve another shot, I'm ok with that... But Come On with the Jasmine pick... She was ATROCIOUS!!!!! Even Anne Marie Boskovich beats her by a mile!!! Sheesh!!! and what about Felicia and Ju'not from this week? That's 3 right off the top of my head that deserve this spot more than her...

Then we have Tatianna... Need I say more??? Come on Judges... You've taken away a shot from someone very deserving to give this Pure Drama Queen one more night, ya might as well have brought Nick/Norman back... Total mistake on both Jasmine and Tatianna...

The last two are Megan and Jesse, 2 gals... Hmmm *Light Bulb* goes off... All 4 of these that I object to are females... Well that would certainly throw the kilter way out of whack wouldn't it?

Ok, say I can live with Megan Corkrey and Jesse Langseth and we throw out Tatianna and Jasmine *sigh* Bring back Felicia Barton and Ju'not Joyner, and if you actually have to have another female, give the spot to Anne Marie Boskovich who can sing but brings no drama... Does Idol really believe Tatianna brings ratings?

The top 9 are...


6 guys and 3 gals...

I have no doubt that the judges are gonna at least choose 2 female singers tomorrow night, and that would be a 7-5 ratio... I would say that in the mind of the judges that Matt is the favorite male going in, will he blow his chance? I think Megan is the top female in their minds, will she blow it? And if neither blow it who will step up to MAKE the judges choose them for the Top 12? I say Anoop and Von better bring it so we are not faced with the possibility of Tatianna being our next Sanjaya, except she can sing and he never could... Same channel tomorrow night Idolsters!!!!



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