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Sunday, 06 November 2011


What's up with all the 80's music for the top 12? No matter ... I don't mind!





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Better late than never, I say! It's Sunday night and I hope you all used the extra hour today for more sleep. As for me, I'm using it to write up this brief synopsis of both X-Factor live shows with the top 12. Did it seem like there was a lot of cheesy 80s music?

GIRLS (Simon)
Drew - Looked cute and has an amazing voice ... if you like that style. I wish the producers would make her microphone more hot (loud) so I could hear her better.

Melanie - I'm not partial to her b/c she lives in FL, but she's the one to beat. I predict her being in the top 2 with Josh. Boy does this girl have an INCREDIBLE set of pipes!

Rachel - Such a cutie as usual and doesn't look 13 to me. They're trying to make her grow up too fast. I don't think she'll make it much past the top 4 or 5, but someone will scoop up this very charismatic young lady!

GROUPS (Paula)
Lakoda Rayne - Their outfits didn't remind me of prom-style dresses. Do parents really let their teens wear dresses like that? The song did nothing for me.

Stereo Hogzz - Paula did a GREAT job with these guys this week. Surprised they were in the bottom 2. Maybe it was to give America a wakeup call for next week to get them some more votes. I loved their rendition of Rhythm Nation.

InTENsity - I know there was a black/red color scheme going on, but it was totally busy. And the music was cheesy. They seemed like a bunch of kids just doing their own thing forced to work together.

OVER 30s (Nicole)
Josh - I like his voice, but I don't think I could listen to a whole album (in one sitting) of him. I think he'll go to the top 2 with Melanie. The performance this week wasn't all that & a bag of chips for me like it was for the judges.

LeRoy - All I can remember is his freakin' mentor Nicole couldn't pronounce his name correctly while all the OTHER judges said it right. It's leROY ... not LEroy. His performance was forgettable. If one of Paula's other groups doesn't go next week, I'm thinkin' it could be LeRoy.

Stacy - Looked lovely and had some pretty notes, but I'm not into the screaming parts. I don't see her winning, but I think she very well might make it to the top 3. I bet the producers want to keep her on as long as she doesn't make a stupid decision outside the comp (if she has any free time at all).

Astro - I'm not a huge rap fan, but loved the OPP thing going on. It was a perfect song choice for him. I see him sticking around for several more weeks.

Chris - Did a little better singing this week, but really needs to do his own thing. I wish L.A. would give him more creative licensing like he does to Astro. Also, his stylist did wonders with his hair!

Marcus - The new Bobby Brown? I don't think so. I think he's all full of himself and needs to be knocked off his high horse. If he were to leave next week, I wouldn't miss him.

The results show format works well. That way there aren't any surprises about a real shocker for someone to leave who never should've left at that point in time. Remember Daughtry? Everyone thought he was going to win AI that year (including yours truly), and he got the ole heave ho WAY too early IMHO!

Poor Paula had the deer in the headlights look as she found out 2 of her groups were in the bottom 2. I wonder if inTENsity leaving sent her over the edge later that night and she busted open a few bottles of alchy and pills? One more thing ... the stage lights, videos & displays are AWESOME. Kudos to the producers for making the X-Factor a much better stage presentation than AI.

Goodnight, all. I wonder if we're going to have a British invasion next week? Hmmm...

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